Air Freight

Import and Export Air Freight
Access Logistics Management through our worldwide network of partners is able to provide comprehensive airfreight services for import or export, using the world’s most reliable airlines to provide either direct or deferred airfreight service. We look after your shipment from pickup to delivery anywhere in the world. Our extensive schedule includes direct and consolidated shipments on all major trade lane routes.

Service options beyond direct and consolidated services include: next-flight shipments,charters, oversize shipments, packing & crating, bulk cargo, and dangerous goods handling. Our experienced air freight team of specialists can advise you of the available options to move your cargoes by air with a thorough knowledge for your products. A key benefit of using us is our personalised service from the time you make the booking, to the time the job is completed.

  • · Premium direct or economy deferred services
  • · Airport-to-Airport or Door-to-Door ( DDU / DDP )
  • · Fast recovery of freight once landed
  • · Bulk for those airfreight shipments needing special loading on aircraft
  • · Export document preparation
  • · Special / Emergency weekend service available
  Import and Export Air Freight